Magpul Sling Mount Kit – TYPE 2

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While both the UBR® and STR® come with reversible push-button QD swivel sockets pre-installed on the left side of the stock (TYPE 1 Kits), the Sling Mount Kit, TYPE 2 can be installed on the opposite side to add additional push-button sling swivels. Additionally, this TYPE 2 Kit can be utilized with the optional TYPE 1 Kit for running ambidextrous sling swivels on the SGA™, MOE® Rifle, and MOE® Fixed Carbine Stocks. Heavy-duty black phosphatized steel construction easily installs with the original hardware. Swivels not included.


Made in U.S.A.



Export Administration Regulations Controlled Product



NOTE: The Sling Mount Kit, TYPE 2 can NOT be used to run dual-side swivels on the ACS™ or ACS-L™ Stocks.

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Magpul Sling Mount Kit – TYPE 2

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